Preparing for Baby: 5 Projects for the Little Ones

As you brace yourself for that little bundle of joy that's about to make your house a home, we’ve thought of five projects that will keep the artist in you busy! If you have a little time left on your hands before things get even crazier, we know the perfect projects that will ease the DIY craving you’ve got that will eventually swaddle your baby!

Cozy Little Socks

Kissing your little cherubs' feet may be one of the greatest experiences in the world! Holding those chubby little infant legs makes you feel like the entire pregnancy journey was worth it. So protecting those coveted little pitter-patters are essential, and this sweet pair of knitted socks will do just the trick! You’ve got a few years before muddy summer footprints make their way inside the house, so until then, relish those stationed baby toes and keep them as snug as a bug!

Knot Stitch Blanket

A lovely baby blanket like this has a delightful knobby texture that babies will love to rub their tiny fingers over. Practicing that knot stitch to perfection will make this blanket irresistible to the tiny one at home as they mesmerize themselves with the wonder of knots! Introduce them to the curious world of texture or wrap them up with ease. As we all know too well, babies don’t keep. So a homemade blanket will tether you to the sentiment of sleepy eyelids and soft yarn.

Teddy Bears

It’s no secret that teddy bears are, quite often, a child’s best friend. As years progress and monsters start to live under beds, toddlers will do anything not to sleep alone. As the innocent fear starts to arise with thoughts of boogiemen, a teddy bear appears to cover their eyes and shield worry. Making a crochet teddy bear for your kiddo might just be that piece that stays in the memory chest for years to come, after all it did fight many bedroom battles while you were asleep in the other room.

Baby Beanies

Baby beanies are an easy project and they are the perfect way to keep your baby wrapped in warmth. These little caps don’t take too long to make and they will be the perfect addition to all your DIY accomplishments so far. Those small ears are delicate and fragile, they aren’t quite ready for sun, showers, or snow. But no matter the season, a beanie will provide safekeeping for that future artist, engineer, or explorer you’ve got on your hands. Their noggin will be thankful, and their head will be snug.

Baby Sweater

To knit a basic baby sweater doesn't take much knitting skill. As long as you know basic stitching and a few minimal techniques, you’ll have it whipped out fast! Baby bellies are irresistible and putting the perfect clothing over that prized little tummy is no small choice. They must look cute, feel comfortable, and still be easily accessible to mommy so she can freely kiss the rumblies in their tumblies. That’s what makes knitted sweaters so perfect, all of the above are checked with certainty, sensibility, and style!


Regardless of the project you decide to pick up, your baby will feel cozy and warm. As time passes, they’ll see that every stitch was crafted with intention and that those homemade projects may just be passed down to the next generation of little munchkins.

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