Knitting Time Machine: a Modern Spin on Classic Projects

As the holidays approach our knitting list only gets longer. While everyone loves a good pair of mittens or socks, these classic projects can begin to feel tired and overused when created the same way each time. Instead of booting them all together, approach each project with a modernized technique, color, or flare! We’ve gathered new patterns, types of yarn, and techniques to help you fall back in love with these classic knitting designs.


Add dimension to your traditional mittens by alternating your stitch with the same color of yarn. This style of knitting, called twined knitting, creates a strong warm fabric that can withstand harsh winter days. We suggest using Lichen and Lace Worsted yarn in the Nutmeg color. The 100% superwash Merino will make it easier to knit with a crisp stitch definition!


Nothing beats socks that can also pair as slippers! These modern mocks are made with a double knit stitch which helps to create a cushy sole. Use a bulky yarn for the material to resemble a slipper or a thinner yarn for sock quality. If you are looking for durability we recommend using Cascade Yarns Pluscious, while Malabrigo should be used for something easier to fit inside of a shoe.


This modern gingerbread hat is easy to adjust in size and can be tailored to your taste with an additional bow or pom-pom. Multi-sex and versatile, this modern take on a classic Gingerbread hat removes the facial accents but keeps the color. Knit with Malabrigo Silkpaca in the color sunset, for that Gingerbread glow!


Try out these three new patterns for a modern spin on classic designs. Each new pattern will have you excited about your long list of projects once again! Happy holidays!

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