How to plan out your Christmas knitting projects

We’ve all had that “Oh….shitake mushrooms” moment when it’s mid-November and we haven’t started ANY of our Christmas knitting. We’re here to help you avoid that this year!

1. Make a List

And no, the lists in your head don’t count! Grab a piece of paper and physically make a list of all the people you plan to gift one of your amazing creations to. Here’s the hardest part: Try to be realistic about how much you can take on over the next 4 months.  Sort your list by “big” personalized gifts (like immediate family or people you’ll be sharing Christmas morning with) and “bulk” gifts where you knock out the same pattern for everyone. Maybe one year your kids each get a special item you chose just for them, and all of your siblings get a 1-skein scarf that you can knock out in an afternoon or two.

Also, make sure they’re on the nice list! We all know how much blood, sweat and tears go into making those socks match perfectly.

2.  Make a Plan

Hold on to your britches – we’re going to do some math. Once you know who and how many, you should be able to calculate a knitting schedule that will ensure you finish all of your projects on time.

  1. Go back to your list and identify how many days you think each project will take, add those together and then add a few more hours for a nice cushion.
  2. Next, calculate how many days per week you can realistically dedicate to knitting.
  3. Now calculate how many weeks are left until December 5th (trust us, it’s worth it to finish a few weeks ahead of schedule so you can bask in the utter bliss of having your gifts done early!)
  4. Finally, Multiply #2 by #3. If that number is the same or higher than #1, then you’re good to go! If it’s lower, you might need to adjust your projects or how many days per week you’re willing to dedicate to knitting.

 3. Stick to It

We know it’s a hard pill to swallow, but a plan only works if you follow through. If something comes up and you’re only able to knit 1 day in a week instead of your allotted 2, you’ll need to make up that day the next week. Be sure to keep that list you made handy, it’s going to be super rewarding to cross things off as you go!


Here are some ideas for quick knits that make great bulk gifts:


One Skein Lacy Scarf

You won't believe how quickly you can knock out this crocheted beauty! Go crazy with color options and use up those stray skeins you know you have lying around. For something on the funkier side, try Malabrigo Verano in Summertime(Photo courtesy of

Ear Warmer

Ear warmers are a safe gift because even non-hat wearers will don one in the winter, anything to keep those ears from freezing! Try any of Blue Sky Fiber's printed organic cotton worsted for a classic look.  (Photo courtesy of

Coffee Cozy

Earn some environmental karma with a reusable (and way cuter) version of those cardboard coffee sleeves. We think this is the perfect project to practice your double seed stitch! Give Malabrigo Rios in Fucsia a try for a bright splash of color. (Photo courtesy of

Good luck with your projects! If you end up using these patterns, please send us photos of the finished product to [email protected] or post to our Facebook

Happy Knitting!

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