Brand Spotlight: Malabrigo

Malabrigo is a small family-owned company out of Uruguay. Each variation of yarn offered from Malabrigo is a luscious, hand-dyed blend of wool in a variety of stunning colors. The consistency of this yarn makes it lovely to handle and perfect for most projects. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite colors, each with a unique backstory to its name, and a pattern to pair with them.


The deep dark tone of this purple beauty makes it the perfect color match for a little pop of color to your winter wardrobe. Add a splash of purple to your life by knitting the Sixteen Cable Hat, perfect for keeping warm this winter!


Cian is a traditional Gaelic name from the Irish word, meaning ancient or enduring. This tranquil, celestial blue provides a sense of calmness to all those who look at it, much like gazing up at the stars might make you feel. Drape yourself in relaxation when you knit the Juno cardigan, but switch out the color for Cosmos.


Poćions, or potions, were originally used to cure or enchant someone. The most famous of these mixtures was the one that provided feelings of love. The creators of this yarn liked the idea that others could be enchanted by its color and fall madly in love with its mixture, much like the traditional potion would make you feel. Wrap the little one in your life with your love when you knit them a Leafy Baby Blanket.


In many cultures a talisman is an object meant to protect one from harm and are typically made with gold or precious gemstones. The rich blend of jewel tones found in this yarn mirror the colors often found in items used throughout these protective rituals. For most of us, knitting itself is a sort of ritual. Can you imagine how beautiful The Shift scarf would be in this blend of colors?


Whatever the color, type of yarn, or pattern you are working on, Malabrigo has something perfect for every project. Pick up your favorite colors during our Half Anniversary Sale from December 20-31, or order online anytime. See you soon!

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