5 Reasons You Should Learn to Knit or Crochet


1. It's a workout for your brain

Knitting is more than just playing around with string and needles – it’s an exercise in engineering, math and creativity. It requires all of these skills and more to take a piece of string and turn it into a woven textile that can be used in everyday life. Want to really push your mind towards growth? Try engineering your own patterns!

2. You'll never be bored

As long as you have some needles or a hook, knitting and crocheting can be done anytime, anywhere! If the power goes out or your family decides it’s a fun idea to rent an off-grid cabin in the middle of nowhere for two weeks, you’ll have something fun to occupy your time – no chargers needed.

3. Community

Knitting is kind of like golf – anyone can do it, and lots of people do! You’ll find knitters and crocheters in every age group and demographic imaginable, all with the same passion for the craft. If you live in the Lake Chelan Valley, feel free to join our local knitting community at the 3 Wild Sheep store. You’re welcome to stop by anytime to sit, stitch and visit.

4. Create wearable, functional art

Perhaps the biggest benefit of taking up knitting or crocheting is that you can actually use what you make! Whether you’re knitting up a sweater to keep you warm in the winter, or crocheting a stuffed animal for your new grandbaby, there isn’t much that you can’t make with a ball of yarn.

5. Skill to use your whole life

Many hobbies require you to be of a certain age, physical ability or financial status to participate, but knitting is a skill that literally anyone can pick up, and one that you can continue to enjoy your whole life! Yarn comes in a wide range of prices and can be purchased from anywhere that sells craft supplies, or your local yarn store.


If you’re interested in learning to knit or crochet but don’t know where to start, give us a call! We have a whole team of people who can’t wait to teach you the ways of this craft that we are so wildly passionate about.

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