5 Reasons Why “I Don’t Need Any More Yarn” is a Lie


At 3 Wild Sheep we fully believe that you can never have too much yarn, and telling yourself that you do is simply untrue! If you find yourself losing track of how many skeins of yarn you purchased, or your yarn basket has turned into an entire closet, remember these five things:

1. Yarn is not all the same.

Wool. Silk. Lace. Linen. Rayon. Each yarn is created with a different combination of natural or synthetic fibers. The combination of these fibers, however, provides a different texture and durability for each project. Not to mention the selection of colors that each yarn comes in! Buying an array of yarn types and colors allows you to select the right yarn for each of your projects.

2. You can do more with what you already have.

Perhaps you’ve already used half of the Roan yarn you bought the other month. Do you start another project with what is left over, or are you worried about not having enough to complete it? Buying more of your favorite yarn means efficiency not waste, and allows you to get going on your next pattern without hesitation.

3. It’s Socks, Scarves, and Sweater Season

As autumn approaches, our favorite knitting season does too. Mittens, socks, scarves, and sweaters are waiting to be created! Make sure your yarn stock is in shape to handle the many projects this season has in store for you.

4. Yarn sparks innovation.

Sometimes we don’t know what it is that we want to create before we touch and see the material we are going to use to make it. Having a variety of yarn in our home helps with innovation and creativity. So you bought four sets of yarn you didn’t have a plan for? That yarn might just lead to your best creation yet.

5. It makes you happy.

Your craft room is full to the brim with yarn. Is that really a problem? If yarn makes you happy then by all means, add another type or color to your growing selection. Knitting is proven to be beneficial for your mind, helps control stress, and is fun to do! There is no need to feel guilty.

Happy Knitting!

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