If you love it, Soak it!

At 3 Wild Sheep, we are big fans of Soak. Soak is a company that understands how important your creations are, and designed products to clean, revitalize and protect them. They even want to care for your hands! Their motto (which we love) is “If you love it, Soak it!”

We are proud to carry the following Soak products, and invite you to come in and see for yourself what a difference they make!

Soak Handmaid Hand Cream, a hydrating, soothing, smoothing care for your hardworking hands. Enriched with shea butter, olive oil, and vitamins A & E.

Soak Handmaid Hand Cream

Soak Laundry Soap

Soak Flatter Smoothing Spray, that relaxes wrinkles and refreshens fabrics.

Soak Flatter Smoothing Spray

Soak Laundry Soap, a modern way to clean and refresh your laundry with a gentle, no rinse formula designed for your handmade creations.

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